PEARの再設定時に **ERROR**


% pear
PHP_PEAR_INSTALL_DIR is not set correctly.
Please fix it using your environment variable or modify
the default value in pear.bat
The current value is:


% go-pear.bat
ERROR: not a folder, or no php.exe found in this folder.
Press Enter to continuh…

Below is a suggested file layout for your new PEAR installation. To
change individual locations, type the number in front of the
directory. Type ‘all’ to change all of them or simply press Enter to
accept these locations.

  1. Installation base ($prefix) : I:\php
  2. Temporary directory for processing : I:\php\tmp
  3. Temporary directory for downloads : I:\php\tmp
  4. Binaries directory : I:\php
  5. PHP code directory ($php_dir) : I:\php\pear
  6. Documentation directory : I:\php\docs
  7. Data directory : I:\php\data
  8. User-modifiable configuration files directory : I:\php\cfg
  9. Public Web Files directory : I:\php\www
  10. Tests directory : I:\php\tests
  11. Name of configuration file : I:\php\pear.ini
  12. Path to CLI php.exe :

1-12, ‘all’ or Enter to continue: 12 I\php\php.exe



set PHP_BIN=(PHPのインストールディレクトリ)\php.exe
%PHP_BIN% -d output_buffering=0 PEAR\go-pear.phar